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Michelle Buckley Headshot - Image by Franklin & Bailey

Michelle Buckley, an American dancer who has called London home for many years, has performed throughout the UK and internationally as a freelance artist. She has crossed into a variety of genres including ballet, contemporary dance, musical theatre and opera; Michelle has also worked behind-the-scenes as a choreographer, assistant director and costumier.

For the past year, she has been studying for her Masters in Dance History and Philosophy with the University of Roehampton. In early 2021, Michelle also joined Fabula Collective for their Associate Artist Course. This allowed her studio time and support, including mentorship from choreographer Will Tuckett, for her own artistic research and development. Inspired by her academic and choreographic endeavours, Michelle is seeking to further develop her own project, known as D.A.R.T., which brings dance, technology and history together.


In the Autumn of 2021, Michelle returned for her second season as a guest artist with Chantry Dance for their UK Tour of The Little Mermaid. She also took part in the workshopping of the new musical, A Face In A Million, written by Tony and Maureen Bryan and directed by Dame Arlene Phillips. Michelle originated the role of the NY fashion agent, Louella Linton.

The Little Mermaid by Chanrty Dance

Chantry Dance, The Little Mermaid

AFIAM Cast Announcement

AFIAM Cast Announcement

Michelle regularly dances with the New York-based company, Gleich Dances, having performed much of Julia Gleich’s repertoire in both New York and London; works include Speak Easy Secrets, The Brodmann Areas and Martha: The Searchers, and her most recent ballet, Wake to Bare Rocks. Michelle has on many occasions been fortunate enough to work collaboratively with Gleich and has originated roles in many of her works. Michelle also dances for Symeon Kyriakopoulos, whose work fuses wushu with classical ballet, and originated the lead role of Oneiro in his ballet, Exodus.

Martha: The Searchers by Gleich Dances

Gleich Dances, Martha: The Searchers

wushu with classical ballet

Exodus, Symeon Kyriakopoulos - Image by Dominic Medway

With an affinity for travel and attack, she has performed delicate lyrical ballet to aggressive physical theatrical works on pointe which require strength and daring… Michelle is an intellectual colleague and collaborator, with whom I continue to collaborate despite the distance and the restrictions of our current world.
-Julia Gleich

Michelle was a first cast member of the Sisters Grimm production Voices of the Amazon, choreographed by Helen Pickett with narration by Jeremy Irons, and toured to Moscow, Singapore and London’s Sadler's Wells Theatre. She was also an original cast member in Trulee Hall’s Tongues Duel the Corn Whores: An Opera, which premiered at the Zabludowicz Collection as part of their Hot with Excess season.

Michelle Buckley performing on stage; 'Voices of the Amazon'- image by Johan Persson

Sisters Grimm, Voices of the Amazon - Image by Johan Persson

Tongues Duel the Corn Whores' Image by Mike Massaro

Trulee Hall, Tongues Duel the Corn Whores - Image by Mike Massaro

Since 2019, Michelle has worked with the London-based theatre company Spontaneous Productions as a choreographer and assistant director for a variety of works, ranging from pantos for younger audiences, dramatic works for mature audiences, and music theatre productions enjoyed by all. Credits include Beauty and the Beast, Around the World in Eighty Days, Animal Farm, The Gingerbread Man, Puss in Boots, and Eye of Day: The Mata Hari Story.

Behind-the-Scenes, Image by Jan Nordén

Spontaneous Productions, Behind the Scenes - Image by Jan Nordén

Spontaneous Productions, Puss in Boots, Behind the Scenes

Spontaneous Productions, Behind the Scenes - Image by Abby Middleton

Michelle has previously worked as the choreographer and movement director for Rogue Opera, having choreographed their full-length productions of Carmen and Don Giovanni. In 2019, she was part of the Rogue creative team for Fuller’s Greatest Show, a corporate event held for Fuller's team at the Wormsley Estate. Michelle continued to work with Rogue Opera throughout 2020 as the creator, researcher, and editor for their online historical short film series, Treading the Boards of History.

Michelle Buckley as choreographer of 'Carmen'

Rogue Opera, Carmen in Rehearsal - Image by Cristina Schek

Rogue_Opera_Don Giovanni_in_Rehearsal

Rogue Opera, Don Giovanni in Rehearsal

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